In any large city there was another source of static that was almost a strong as the power line hum. We finally decided this was the combined background noise of the mass of human brains in a too close proximity. This, we found, could also be blocked; but at a conscious loss of mental capacity and a severe loss of attitude. Most of this can be blocked with a Farraday cage, isolating the electromagnetic field from the brain, but there was still a noticeable field affecting the brain. We decided this had to be in a spectrum analogous to, but outside the electromagnetic spectrum. Many labels have been put on this phenomena by many respected, and some not so respected, researchers. T. G. Hieronymus, in U, S. patent no. 2,482,773 called it "Eloptic". MIT and UCLA, in experiments on plant responses called it "L field". Richenbach called it "Od", and the ancients called it ether. I believe that physicist David Bohm's "implicate order" of the holographic universe may be the newest label.

For power lines that bath our environment in a dense sea of electromagnetic waves, it would be hard to pick a frequency more disturbing than 60 CPS, with harmonics at 30 CPS, equivalent to frantic beta brain waves, or 15 CPS, borderline alpha/beta, half asleep, half awake, or 7 and a half cps, borderline alpha/theta, associated with epileptic spikes and alarm states. If you're a conspiracy buff, look into the personel involved in the Rural Electrification Authority in the nineteen thirties when our country was changed from 50 to 60 cycles. (I think it was on purpose)

My old quests were fired up by all the new evidence we were accumulating with scientific instruments. We experimented with strobe lights and sounds and old methodologies. We documented our experiments and tried to do "good science". We instrumented plants and each other and aimed transducers at the earth and the sky and filled strip charts with squiggles and cassette tapes with interesting noises. This was all outside our professional careers, which seemed to prosper not in spite of but because of these activities. We all became more effective at what we were doing. Many personal changes accompanied these explorations.

Psychic healings were an ongoing integral part of the group experiments during this whole period. Professionals in the medical field were part of the group and we collaborated with several local establishments. We also tried to do "good science" with these efforts. A good number of spontaneous remissions and other anomalous phenomena were recorded. We kept records and followed up results, probably a book full of records that could all be classified as anecdotal by the confirmed skeptic.

I was retired from the aircraft company, had built a 58 foot schooner preparatory to an extended cruise, had changed plans and bought a piece of property and started an intentional community formed around the same core group. We were still on the trail of the elusive self and had expanded our agenda to include a self-sufficient research center and residential park with solar power, wind generators, earth sheltered housing, greenhouses, shops, store, etc. It was going very well, courses at the Free University, a county wide organization with a monthly magazine, and lots of parties at the fire circle. We named the property White Hawk Valley after a snow white hawk that showed up when I first looked at the property and led the way doing aerobatics. We took it an omen, and still do.

Of course we had music at the parties, guitars, harmonicas and singing and such. Then, one day while we were working on one of the houses, the DRUMMING started. Accidently, it seemed at first, a five gallon plastic bucket and the acoustics in a thirty foot ferrocement dome grabbed us. Soon there were tools and soft drink cans and voices looking for resonance down a chimney all joined in a tight rhythm. That first session we "hit the groove" and entrained with each other. The few "real" musicians in the group were as enthralled with the experience as anyone. That night dusty bongos and tambourines showed up at the fire circle along with the five gallon buckets. We found the natural rhythm of the night and jammed with the locusts and frogs and the stars, pure magic! We were all hooked.

We scoured the local pawn shops and found REAL drums. We found tapes of REAL drumming and experimented and played every day. We discovered a percussion department at the local university and a Hare Krishna temple and a sweat lodge and many other wondrous things. We built drums and flutes and rattles and many nameless but great sounding things, and we still do.

I left all that in what most people would call a mid life crisis. I began to believe what I had been teaching. I shed a wife, my boat, most of my assets and left in a VW van. I traveled around a bit and met my wife Emily in California.We traveled together for awhile and then settled down in the cabin in the Colorado Rockies where we now live. The research that had been postponed began anew. After the householder yoga of firewood and water was more or less under control I unpacked a trunk of journals, notes, and manuscripts. The original group of professional "mad scientist" were scattered around the country but still very much collaborating with newsletters and papers and conferences at interesting places. We all decided it was time to get on with it, the Harmonic Convergence was celebrated on our own mountain top, I had a place to build my shopˇand laboratory, and it was time to reduce our refined theories to hardware. Firewood and water, of course, came first, but, the shop and lab manifested.

Over the years I had continually tried to correlate my experiences with different levels of reality. But Reality with a capitol R, must, in my view, include ALL of these experiences. To segregate phenomena as "psychic" or "meta" something or "para" something or objective verses subjective is, it seems to me, just a way of labeling instead of understanding. As a boy I had built crystal radios with coils wound on an oatmeal box and condensers made from gum wrappers. Then came vacuum tubes and long wires strung from trees, then back to solid state with transistors, then back to vacuum tubes with tuned cavity military radar. Concurrent with these encounters with general consensus electromagnetic reality were encounters with discarnate entities, UFOs, precognition, radionics, healers, psyonic devices of various types, anomalies in time and space, and my personal conviction that all this was equally "REAL" and NOT separate. While all these experiences were not common to all the group they were all understood and accepted.

I had read and sometimes understood relativity theories and early quantum theory. The "many worlds" interpretation, even if it was probably formulated originally as practical joke, seems to me to he the most probable. After all, alternate realities were one very simple explanation of personal experiences. It also slides very nicely into the Holographic Universe.

Chemistry is very interesting and, like quantum theory, describes and predicts consensus reality quite well. But, where does the extra calcium in a hatched chicken and it's discarded shell, several times that present in the fertilized egg, come from? Where do the heavy metals in Spanish moss hanging from a dead tree come from? Where do the precious metals analyzed in an ore sample but not there in processing go to? In the case of the chicken the increase in calcium, in a very closed system, is accompanied by a corresponding decrease in other elements, in short, ALCHEMY, a transmutation of elements. As far as the chemist is concerned this is impossible, ditto the physicist. As far as I'm concerned these experiments have been repeated enough times by enough reputable people that I believe it. I don't have any need to prove anything to anyone but myself. SO, I usually keep my mouth shut unless I'm with my peer group. I have no desire to control anything except the reality that I inhabit. I take dominion and assume responsibility for my reality. I encourage everyone to do so.

Hardware construction started with duplicating and improving some of the old devices we had built in the fifties and sixties, the Hieronymus machine with L field to electromagnetic transducers, with some of the Raudive circuits as inputs. I was trying to de-subjectify the data. I still wanted to convert the skeptics. One day I realized that I already knew these things. I have already been on enough wild goose and wild gauss chases. There is plenty of information out there already for any one to "prove", or disprove, anything they want to.

So, one day I was thinking about "all this" and the underlying order became glaringly obvious. The reason the sitar was more conducive to deep meditation than the guitar was the frequency of the note corresponding more closely to brain wave natural frequencies. Chemical elements were transmuting an orderly octave quantum leap, not from way over here on the chart to way down there. Musical notes became colors not because of some chemical substance but because a few octaves up they WERE colors. The I Ching corresponded to the DNA codone not because of some weird coincidence hut because they both were manifestations of the natural order of reality. The Mayan calendar and Tarot cards and Runes and Astrologers and Amerindian and Siberian Shamans and African Tribes and the Druids and the Anasazi had all built their myths and rituals and societies based on the natural order. Bohm and Pribam and Capra and many others are trying to lead western "science" back to this natural order. Good Luck.

Construction of the Unified Octave Chart went very smoothly, the order was already there, all I had to do was fill in the squares.