external combustion system


First Prototype

This is an engineering prototype that is intended only to prove the ideas and test the hardware. It was built in my garage workshop with minimal tools except for machine shop work that was contracted out. I have pressurized the system and operated it with air pressure, the engines work. The prototype is ready for quantitative testing with professional instruments and techniques.
A production prototype would not look like this. The wheels are just for convenience in the workshop. The open deign provides easy access to all the components. The battery and charging system is for controls and the cooling fan. Some applications may not require this. One preferred production protype would have the same outside dimensions as the electric generators installed in RVs. Another would replace portable electrical generators. Another would use flue gas from existing fireboxes.
A large battery charging alternator is the load installed now. There is space for other or additional loads. The generator for the electrical system and the alternator are driven by the shaft between the engine, on the left, and the engine/pump on the right. The condenser coil and the electric fan on the left are much larger than would be required on a production system.

The boiler shell is visible here but will be covered with insulation and enclosed with a metal panel, only the gage, service valve, throttle, and hoses will be visible.This is the radient heating element and control under the boiler. This will be the only opening to the combustion chamber.

This how the York 10 cubic inch air conditioning compressor looks with the head and valve plate removed. This compressor has been rescued from a junkyard. The valve plate, which is not used anyway, is almost always the only thing wrong with them, so they work fine for prototypes. This type and size of compressor from both York and Techumseh were used in most automotive air conditioning systems and in many transport refridgeration systems for many years. They may still be made here, but the only online source I could find is in China