My Proposal

This system is patent pending. I have applied with a provisional patent application not because I expect any protection from that system but as insurance against being prevented from using my ideas. The "Patent Pending" footnote can be used to protect secrets until the patent is issued, but this will be a full disclosure of information. The basic claims of this technology have been public knowledge for over one hundred years.

My invention uses external combustion to heat a fluid and produce pressure that is used to power an engine. The preferred fluid is 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluorethane, known as Freon R-134A, chosen for the advantagous pressure to temperature curve, availability, and acceptance in air conditioning systems. The standard pressure to temperature curve shows this fluid boils at about 0 degrees F, is at about 100 PSI at 100 degrees F, and at about 500 PSI at 200 degrees F. This 400 PSI pressure difference with only 100 degree temperature difference will give very high thermal efficiency.

One application of my invention uses standard air conditioning compressors converted to an engine and an engine/pump to return fluid to the boiler. A 10 cubic inch displacement 2 cylinder inline compressor is the preferred component. The compressor head plate and valve plate is removed and replaced with a rotary valve and plate which converts the compressor to an engine or an engine/pump.

The fluid is heated in a boiler. The pressure is applied to the valve plates powering the engines. The exhaust is fed to a condenser and cooled by an electric fan. The pump cylinder of the engine/pump draws cooled fluid from the condenser and returns it to the boiler through a one-way valve, closing the system.

Another application of my invention uses a multi cylinder engine and a separate pump to return the fluid to the boiler.

Another application of my invention uses different fuel and boiler types to heat the fluid.