We have learned that if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.

What If- things that seem too bad to be true also probably aren't? The dictionary defines truth as something that is demonstrably factual and real. Let's call that Truth with a capitol T. Many of the "truths" we encounter every day are really opinions that are assumed to be True. If they are threatened by facts they are defended with more "truth". Individual truth seems to be anything someone believes.

What If- political truth is questionable? We are presented with selected facts and a conclusion that is only a preferred opinion. Many of these opinions seem to be only expedient temporary "truth". The opposition will counter with another set of selected facts that only challenges the conclusion, not the real Truth.

What If- advertising truths are slippery and they are mostly conclusions based on implied facts? The primary fact being their hope that you'll buy a product or a service or an idea. If they only tell you how bad their competition is, they probably don't want to compete at the True level.

What If- they're trying to sell us something the salesman wouldn't buy?

What If- we're asked to believe something they don't?

What If- we're being misinformed about all the problems and crisis we're faced with?

What If- we're being misinformed about all the actions needed to solve them?

What If- we're being misinformed about the results of those actions?

The facts needed to reach an informed decision about what to believe are more available now than at any time in history. Most of the problems we are presented with are created by uninformed or selfish decision makers. Most of these problems have no single cause but are the result of the military/industrial/political/idealogical complex mixture of motives and information.

What If- we isolate elements of these problems and search for the True Facts of the situation?

What If- we only use facts that are True without question?

Many of the problems have a basic reality for everyone from any point of view. I have selected a few to explore.

Energy seems to be behind a great many conflicting conclusions and solutions creating many problems and crisis. From an engineering viewpoint the facts cannot by denied.

For just the facts---